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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Apple ZZzzZzZZZzzZZzzzZ

Its Wednesday night and the whole family decides they want to do something together, I'm not taking father mother and brothers, I mean the whole family, you must know I come from a big family and we are close to one another, with over 20 cousins in one age group you can't imagine how we mingle, anyhow they were hungry and Applebee's seemed it would serve the purpose right, we got there each one arriving a minute or two apart making a period of 40 minutes between the first and the last to arrive. It's nice to see that Applebee's has opened here; I kept making these lame jokes "So are you going back to the hotel after this?" It really felt like you were out of the country, the design of the place and food quantities all distributed to the atmosphere of an American diner, aside from the crying baby next our table, the late food, the wrong bill, the pixilated Arabic logo on your menu, the uncomfortable chairs, the lack of ventilation, the breaking of glasses around, the constant back and forth questioning of the waiters "Did you like your plate?" and the 4 times I asked for butter and mustard but didn't get it, the restaurant is a alright 7/10! for one they have a smoking and nonsmoking section (you don’t want to know what I have to say after going to the Ousra). I would say it would serve you best on weekdays and to a crew of no more than 3-5 people, the food was good the average price of a plate is JD7-9 ++. If you’re a dessert person I recommend the Oreo. fattening like all good things are.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sabri, for a Jordanian so far away, to describe the Applebee next door to me in Pennsylvania so accurately, is astounding.
Nice job, kids selling apples, and then a review on Appelbees, good synergy dude!! Keep it flowing...
Yusef Kudsi

September 30, 2005 8:29 PM  

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